Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Key to Eating Out on a HEALTH Budget

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So we've all been there before.

Monday through Thursday we're doing just fine; sticking to our diets and putting in work like a BOSS when all of a sudden, we get that text from a friend/coworker/relative that says:

"Hey! We're all getting together after work/school tonight. We're meeting up at (enter ridiculously delicious and satisfyingly sinful restaurant) at 8pm. Show up!"

Now, you're in a dilemma; a pickle of sorts. Should you splurge all of your hard work on this un-healthy, heathen feast and cry all Saturday morning about the 5 pounds you gained back? Or should you risk being called anti-social and isolate yourself from all outside contact with people?

Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too...well, that is, as long as you don't eat too much of it.

Cheats are OK to do here and there as long as it is done with discipline. However, being in the social atmosphere changes everything. Humans are very complex, yet predictable creatures. When we're surrounded by people we are comfortable with, we eat. When we are uncomfortable, we eat. No matter what the circumstance/situation/occasion/holiday is, we eat.

So how do we enjoy ourselves in these environments if we can't eat what's on the menu? Usually everything is fried, swimming in oils and salt or doused with sugary good...I mean, badness.

Well, if you're going out tonight, here's a solution that works for me every time:

Look up the healthy food options before you enter the restaurant

That's it.

Just take out your smartphone/tablet or use the office computer (don't tell them I told you that) and literally Google "Healthy options at_______."

It might be a little inconvenient at times, but it will save you the guess work in the restaurant when you slip into your comfort zone and become less concerned with calories and more concerned with feeding your feelings.

Trust me, once you figured out your options beforehand, it'll be easy to order. You won't even have to look at the menu either! Say bye-bye to last minute decisions and changing your mind at the sight of a grease-induced burger.

This could mean more time for chatting it up and maybe, if you're lucky, your friends will let you steal a bite (or two) of their food. Just sayin'.

That's it for now. Remember life is what you make it. Have a blessed day!